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Registered Civil Celebrant, Lesley Wilkinson

Funeral and memorial services


saying 'goodbye'

When a loved one dies, families are often left wondering "what do I need to do?".  Rarely do we talk about death or how we would like to be farewelled by our family and friends. If you find yourself in this situation, I am here to help.

it's your choice

The first call you are most likely to make is with a local or recommended funeral home.  They will explain the choices available, such as a funeral service for a burial or cremation, You also have the choice of a church or secular service, conducted by a religious or a civil celebrant, like me.  If you wish a civil celebrant to conduct the service, the funeral director may have a list of celebrants they have worked with before; have their own celebrant employed, or you can find and select your own to work with the funeral home.  

what does it cost?

If the funeral home organises the civil celebrant for you, they will include the cost in the package.

Should you wish me to work with you to design and/or deliver a service for you, then my fees starts from $450.00.