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Registered Civil Celebrant, Lesley Wilkinson

Getting Married


What ceremony options are there?

It's your special day and you want everything to perfectly reflect who you are as a couple.  

You have three choices of marriage celebrants:

1.  A religious ceremony conducted by a minister of the church. Church weddings are perfect for couples who wish to marry 'in the eyes of God'.

2.  Registry weddings are conducted by The Registrar in the Registry Office located in Australian States and Territories under Australian law. Venues and variations of the ceremony are limited, as are the number of guests the Office can seat. 

3.  An Australian Government Registered Marriage Celebrant is authorised the conduct civil marriages under Australian law. As Civil Celebrants are not affiliated with a religious or Government organisation, they are free to design a marriage ceremony that meets your individual needs and desires. They will, of course, ensure the marriage is solemnised under Australian law.

How much does a wedding ceremony cost?

Naturally this is the BIG question!  If you do some research on the average cost of an Australian wedding in 2018/19, you will probably decide you can't afford to get married. However, if you take the most conservative estimate of around $30,000, you will soon see that the proportion of that cost for your marriage celebrant is very small. 

Depending upon location, experience etc, celebrants charge between $500-2000 for a wedding ceremony, designed to the couple's requirements, prepares and lodges all the necessary legal paperwork and conducts the ceremony on the day.

To marry in a church the costs are between $500-$5000, again depending on location, how often you attend the church etc.

A Registry Office wedding costs between $430-650 depending on the office location, a midweek or weekend service and includes the lodgement of the legal paperwork.

My fees start at $650.00. 

how to choose your celebrant

Whether you are trying to find a tradesperson, a new car or a financial adviser you will mostly likely selected more than one person to contact and/or ask for a quote.  Choosing your Marriage Celebrant is no different.  You will be sharing your personal stories and information with this person, you will want to feel they are trustworthy, honest, friendly and helpful to you, your family and guests in the lead up and during the conduct of your ceremony.  

This is why your first meeting with me is free and you are under no obligation to commit to a booking with me.

Where do we meet?

It is best if both parties to the marriage attend the first, introductory meeting. This can be done in my home office, or a venue of your choosing. 

what next?

Give me a call on 0423 645998 to arrange an obligation free introductory meeting. We will get to know each other and discuss your ideas for an ideal ceremony, the cost, the timing and legal requirements..